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Mini Storage Tips in Elkridge, Maryland

Storage Building - Elkridge, MD
  • Make a complete list of all goods stored. It may help to keep sales receipts, any proof of purchase, owner's manuals, and warranties that prove your ownership of your items. These records should be kept in a safe place away from your storage unit.

  • Prepare your storage unit. Consider storing all boxes and furniture on wooden pallets or on boards placed on the floor of the storage place.
  • Maximize your space usage. For example, you can use the space inside large appliances and other items to store smaller items.

  • Stack thoughtfully. It can help to use boxes that are the same or similar in size. Stacking is often easier if the boxes are full and stacked with the heaviest boxes on bottom. This way the boxes are less likely to be crushed.

  • What will you need to access at a later date? Consider putting your often-needed items towards the front of the unit and other items towards the rear of the unit that you are less likely to get out.

  • Label your boxes. If you write a one- or two-word description of the contents on the outside of the box, you may be less likely to need to pull out its contents.

  • Never store hazardous materials such as flammable liquids in your unit. Food items will attract pests that may cause damage to other items in your unit.

  • Avoid using plastic to wrap your belongings for storage. Paper products (when available) such as newspaper are better suited for storage.

  • Store your expensive items in the back of the storage unit and place larger, less movable items (such as furniture and beds) in front of them.

  • Wrap your precious and breakable items with bubble wrap, newspapers, or towels and place them in boxes that are at the top of a stack.

  • Books should be packed flat in small boxes - this helps to protect the spine of the books and eases lifting.

  • Clothing/drapes/curtains can be put into wardrobe boxes (this allows you to store your clothing on hangers and helps to retain the shape of garments) or dresser drawers or cedar chests. The hardware material for a curtain rod can be placed in a zip-lock plastic bag and taped to the curtain rod.

  • When storing furniture you could take apart any furniture such as tables and beds marking all pieces so you can easily put them back together. Cover furniture (e.g., sheets and blankets) as this will help to protect your furniture. It is important to keep any screws or bolts from the disassembled furniture - you can put them into a zip-lock bag and tape the bag to the furniture somewhere where the tape adhesive will not leave marks on the item.

  • Chairs can be stacked seat-to-seat with paper or cloth between them. The arms can be covered/wrapped to prevent damage.

  • A small appliance is best kept in the box in which it came - place some extra newspaper around the appliance inside the box for extra protection.

  • Large appliances and equipment are also important and often as costly as smaller items. If your appliance has a door, leave the door slightly ajar. Make sure you thoroughly defrost and clean your refrigerator or freezer before storing as moisture and mildew can easily damage it. Wedge a small item in place to ensure the door is slightly open. Drain the water from your washing machine - there is often a small amount left in the machine after every use.

  • Mirrors and artwork can be wrapped in newspaper and covered in cardboard. Any small mirrors can be wrapped in bubble wrap or newspaper and then packed into a box.

  • Gardening equipment and other long-handled tools can be tied together. Smaller tools can be packed into small boxes.

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